MonoTizen Update Week #4 – MonoTizen-1.0.0 shipped

We never published the weekly report for the final and most interest week of development on MonoTizen, so here it is. Two months after the event, but better late than never. More than anything, it seemed important for Damien Diederen‘s excellent daily reports to be recorded for posterity.

MonoTizen-1.0.0 was released on 11th July 2014. Most of the work in that final week was on the MonoDevelop plugin and IDE integration. Many future TODOs were noted in GitHub for issues which were deferred for the initial release.

Here are the detailed daily progress reports which Damien put together:

The future of MonoTizen?

Development work on MonoTizen was formally halted on 13th August 2014, but the only work which happened after the 11th July release was for the Mono-3.6.0 RPMs, and some further fiddling with the MonoDevelop add-ins mechanism.

Until there is some clarity on the future of the Tizen Mobile profile, it makes no sense for Kitsilano Software to invest any more in this project. This is a sad situation, but it is the reality. Efforts have been migrated to Mono for Sailfish.

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